ODD Mobile Apps

With the establishment of the ODD Receiver and ODD OPS Ui, the team decided to extend the reach through a […]

Another KE20 Sketch

Got the opportunity to do the sketching for a fella friend that has been waiting a long que for it. […]

TE37 Tee

I’ve created this t-shirt design out of the blue when all of the sudden a car driven with stunningly beautiful […]

Rusty Betty

A tribute to his olskool Toyota Corolla KE20, the Rusty Betty. A fella friends Izad, asked to have his car […]

Pomen Yala

A sketch to be made as part of their marketing tools. Printed for banner, bunting, social media ads and t-shirt […]

Myvian’s Fav

A locally made Perodua MyVi is one of the best selling car here in Malaysia. Me sketch it with a […]

The Power of Dreams

Sketching one of this favorite car of the year, Accord with the best known for it’s flip able headlamp.

Camper Van

Remembering the good ol’day where car are built to last longer. That’s why we can still the 20 to 40 […]