3D Prototyping Aircraft

Apart from digital design, I’m also digging into 3D design for actual model to be use in daily life. The approach is to have my own set of RC Aircraft design from scratch, printing it, build, and fly the actual model. This later shareable through the RC community to have download the plan layout and build themselves.

The Inspiration

Before the project start, I need some inspiration onto what the model will look like and will pass to my canvas. As for this post, I’ve chosen one of the model aircraft that I adore so much. Yak 130 Jet.

With the design inspired from the actual aircraft, I later moved to the tools for the 3D Design creation, Google Sketchup Make 2016. A much easy to use applications and available widely in the download section.


Sketching with Google


The Buildlog

The design from Google Sketchup later being printed and cut out onto depron foam and fit everything ups.


Testing Session and Flying