Apps UI Icon Set

I’ve been working on the user apps for of the transportation company well known globally. My task is to create a set of icon to be use in their apps to represent the services and process involved in their nature of business.

It has been a challenging task since the client required a set of icon that are specifically catered for their nature of business, logistic. Not that you cannot take or purchase the ready made icon set available but the requirements want something that not all app have the repeating icons.

Since I’m only been given the task to create the icon for the apps, I need to think of some design that will blend nicely with the rest of the apps element, and especially their overall theme.

Main Apps Icon

Above is the main apps icon. At first, I’ve came up with a solid single color thinking of the apps will have a white background color. The red color is part of their global design standard and need to follow the exact color code.

Side menu icons
Side menu icons

Above in black and white is the side menu icon for the apps. Initially created with solid dark grey color and later changed to a more colorful concept as requested.


Done with the coloring for the main apps icon. Continue with the side menu icon coloring process.