MIMS Clinic Information System(CIS) is a clinical management system designed for physicians to manage small to medium sized clinics. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve at an accelerated rate, digital solutions such as MIMS CIS provides the ability to connect information, patients and health professionals in new ways.

MIMS CIS features a comprehensive suite of modules that automates of any part of the healthcare practice from front desk functions like registration and scheduling to patient electronic record management and billing.


This position as UI Designer with a one year contract has given me the opportunity to enhance and increase the usage of the said system throughout their respective subscriber and also demo user. The introduction of latest trend UI into the system does have it’s own pro and con. However it may come, the UI should at least come to par of the today’s trend and thus I have managed to put it in the exact level of challenges.

MIMS CIS Dashboard

The arrangement of the dashboard contains the major shortcut and data usage for client easy access. The colors play the bigger role to have a separation on what each shortcut do. With the user requirements to have things easy access and fast reach for the common task, the arrangement of things on the dashboard played a crucial role.

UI Eelements

The creation of the UI elements as agreed by Lead Developer, Business Analysis, and Head Manager. Taken away from plain read and white, we decided to introduce Turquoise as part of the UI identity to suit with the list of subscribers and mainly in Health Industry.


Date Picker

Customizing the third party Date Picker CSS to be adapted into the design guidelines.

Rapid Prototyping using Lunacy
Rapid Prototyping using Lunacy