Yong Ming Motor

Almost every Honda you see within the southern region of Malaysia has the distinctive gold and black emblem attached to the rear of the car. We are proud to state that the emblem with the letters “Y” and “M” represent Yong Ming Motor or ‘Forever Bright’ in Mandarin.


Having been on Honda dealer in the Southern region for 35 years, Yong Ming Motor is so popular that virtually every Honda you see in Johor Bahru has its badge. In fact Yong Ming Motor won the Dealer of the Year 2008 award in the National Dealers Convention for Honda Malaysia’s representatives and dealership.


Undoubtedly, Yong Ming Motor‘s showroom is one of the well known and respected Honda dealership in Johor Bahru. What makes us extraordinary is our expertise as a 4S center proving services ranging from Sales, Services, Spare parts, Spray Painting and body-shop with towing services.


As one of the few Honda dealers in Malaysia with 4S centre service, we have the ability to recognize and meet the needs of all customers. Committed to perform beyond expectations, we drive the future of service excellence in the automotive industry.